Notice of Race (NOR) & Sailing Instructions (SI)

Tras di Montaña, Bonaire

February 18-24, 2024

1. Organising Authority

1.1 The Bonaire Landsailing Adventures (BLA) is the event organising authority. BLA has a Race Committee within the organisation that makes plans for the event regarding schedule, racing format, racing equipment (marks, signals, etc.), classes, etc.

1.2 Specific Race Committee (RC) Principal Race Officials (PROs) will govern the daily racing activities and make all decisions on racing courses, timing, starting, and scoring. The Production and Performance classes will have fleet captains who can give inputs to the RC PROs, but the RC PROs have ultimate authority in making all decisions with regards to racing.

2. Modifications to this Document

2.1 Any provision of this combined NOR/SI document may be altered in Future Revisions, at the Morning Skippers Meeting, and/or by Announcement at the Starting Line before the dial-up begins.

3. Fees

3.1 Entry fees are listed below based on participant type.

3.2 For racers, the entry fee is $150/entrant for applications submitted (or postmarked) by February 7th, and $200/entrant for applications submitted after February 7th. Entry fee includes participation in all activities associated with the event including racing (scorers/trophies), fun events, venue fees, insurance, toilets, etc.

3.3 For youth sailors the entry fee is $100/entrant for applications submitted (or postmarked) by February 7th, and $150/entrant for applications submitted after February 7th.

3.4 For attendees not sailing but enjoying the venue and meals, admission is free and specific meals will be priced at the venue.

4. Eligibility and Entry

4.1 Racing participants shall register for racing in advance by completing an application that can be found online (after October 30, 2023) including their contact info, sail#, and pilot weight:

4.2 Racing participant entries will be broken down into individual divisions based on how many entrants are received. The order by which additional divisions will be formed will be the following:

– Performance and Production Fleets, and Heavyweight and Lightweight Divisions (approx. ½ of the fleet in each group), or

– Specific weight classes per the Blokart rules

– Light weights, competitors less than 70kg (154lbs)

– Middle weights, competitors 70kg to 82.5 kg (154lbs and up to 182lbs)

– Heavy weights, competitors 82.5kg to 95kg (183lbs and up to 209lbs)

– Super weights, competitors 95kg (210lbs) and over

In accordance with rule A.4, specific weight classes may be established with the goal of having approximately the same number of competitors in all weight classes.

5. Venue

5.1 The venue for this event is sports fields at Tras di Montaña in Bonaire. BLA has a permit with Bonaire for use of the area for the dates of February 21-24, 2024.

5.2. The average temperature in Bonaire in February is 27C (81F) with a range of 25C (77F) to 29C (84F) with prevailing easterly trade winds averaging 15 knots!

5.3 For directions to get to the venue, the following info is provided. The location of the sailing area is located at lat/long: 12.200634, -68.267471. The venue is along the road called Kaminda Tras Di Montaña, and is at the intersection of the side road called Kibra’i Montaña.

5.4 There are daily direct flights to Bonaire from Europe (Amsterdam) and the North America (Toronto, Atlanta or New York, Newark, Miami or Houston). There are many lodging options on Bonaire from hotels to AirBnB. Race organisers are working on potential lodging block bookings with a group code that will be published at a later date.

5.5 The following graphic provides an overview of the venue.

6. Schedule

6.1 The below schedule is the basic plan of events, subject to change with the weather conditions.

Sunday, February 18:

Boat Setup/Open Sailing All Day

Monday, February 19:

Check-In/Blokart Setup/Open Sailing All Day
Blokart Scrutineering & Pilot Weigh-In All Day
Enduro Challenge Skippers Meeting 1PM
Team Enduro Challenge (FUN EVENT)2PM

Tuesday, February 20:

Check-In/Blokart Setup/Open SailingAll Day
Blokart Scrutineering & Pilot Weigh-InAll Day
Racing Rules Review10AM
Practice Mark Racing1PM and 3PM
Ask the Experts Seminar (any topic)4PM

Wednesday, February 21:

Skippers Meeting 9AM

Thursday, February 22:

Skippers Meeting9AM
Poker Run Sail (FUN EVENT)5PM

Friday, February 23:

Skippers Meeting9AM
Pimp My Blokart Pageant (FUN EVENT)5PM

Saturday, February 24:

Skippers Meeting9AM
Racing (if necessary based on # races completed)10AM-2PM
Awards banquet at location TBD6PM

7. Courses

7.1 The graphic provided earlier in section 5.4 is provided as an overview of the venue and the typical racing area location. Specific courses will be selected by the RC PROs on each day of racing depending on weather conditions.

7.2 In general, races are planned to be windward/leeward type races with the starting area in between the windward mark and the leeward mark. The windward and leeward mark will generally be setup as illustrated below, but with an additional reaching mark or two off to the side of the weather mark. Competitors shall cross the start line, leave the weather mark to port, leave the leeward mark to port (without crossing the start/finish line), then proceed back through the start/finish line as a completed lap.

7.3 Races will generally be timed races of 5-8 minutes in duration with racers trying to complete as many laps as possible in the allotted time. The RC PROs will wave a checkered flag at the set race time and racers will cross the finish line for the final time when the checkered flag is flown. The RC PROs will score all finishing Blokarts who cross the finish line after the allotted time in their order of finish. Blokarts with the most laps and finishing earlier will be the top Blokarts in order of their respective finish positions. Blokarts finishing on the next fewer number of laps will be scored in order of finish behind the group of Blokarts who may have done more laps. Scoring is similar to NASCAR as you don’t have to be on the lead lap to finish high in the fleet.

7.4 The pre-start dial-up will generally be for 2 minutes in a counter-clockwise dial-up for safety reasons, with the intention of all the Blokarts approaching the line on starboard tack. The race PRO will announce these details before the start of each race at the starting line and then issue an aural countdown to the start of the dial-up. These details are subject to change, but the intent is to follow this format depending on wind conditions.

7.5 Competitors will be scored using the MyLaps timing/scoring system. For those travelling without their own transponder for tracking, they will be available for hire at the event.

8. Series Format:

8.1 The racing event will consist of a minimum of six (6) races in each division.

8.2 The event will be complete when:

  • Each class has completed 15 or more races at the end of racing Friday, February 23rd.
  • If racing continues Saturday, February 24th, the event will end when each class has completed 15 races, or at the end of racing for the day (as determined by Race-Committee).

8.3 Fun events such as open sailing, Poker Runs, practice racing, and Enduro Challenges may be organized during the event depending on the desires of the participants.

9. Rules

9.1 Racing shall be governed by the rules published by the International Blokart Racing Association (IBRA) Rules, Edition 9 (effective 1 January, 2024), with modifications published in the Sailing Instructions, announced at the Morning Skippers Meeting, and/or by Announcement at the Starting Line before the dial-up begins. The current rules for 2023 can be found here (only minor changes expected for 2024):

9.2 The following amendments to the rules apply to this specific event:

Modify B.5.7 adding: Sail Numbers, as assigned via home country Blokart club membership, are required to be displayed on all racing sails including Country & Number (Example US 99). They may also be added to the sides of your POD, and must be of a sufficient size to be seen at a distance.

Add C.8 saying: All competitors not participating in a race or the next immediate race shall remain in the spectator area unless otherwise advised by a race official, except in case of an emergency. This rule shall not preclude training / practice on the course before the first race, or after the last race at the discretion of the principal race officer (PRO).

Add C.9 saying: No competitor or spectator shall approach the timing areas unless directed by a race official; any competitor who breaks this rule may be disqualified from the next race. A race official will be available to handle competitor enquiries.

10. Starting Sequences

10.1 If either of the Blokart fleets (Performance or Production) are >25 boats, the fleet start may be divided into two groups starting by sub-divisions (i.e. Lightweight and Heavyweight) which will be announced at the skippers meeting.

10.2 The Blokart fleet will start in a “dial-up” process wherein they will all be stationary in the vicinity of the start line to get an aural countdown from the RC for T-2 minutes to start. At T-2 minutes, an orange flag will be raised indicating the countdown has begun. Competitors will “dial-up” in counterclockwise ovals and only cross the start line in the normal race direction (towards the first mark). The purpose of the “dial-up” is for safety reasons encouraging all competitors to start on starboard tack. Per the IBRA rules, the start timing and signals are as follows:

T-1 minute Orange flag lowered/Green flag raised to vertical/one short sound signal

T-30 seconds Green flag lowered to horizontal/one short sound signal

T-0 seconds Green flag dropped fully/one long sound signal

10.3 Sound signals take precedence over flag signals and / or verbal countdowns and/or any other visual signals, which are for assistance only and the failure of such systems will not be cause for redress.

10.4 If a competitor is over the start line when the start is signaled, they must return to the dial-up side of the line by sailing around one end of the start line (no dips to restart). In doing so, they must not interfere with any other competitor and will not be deemed to have started until they cross the start line in the direction of the first mark after the start signal. A competitor over early is responsible to recognize they are over early and restart on their own based on the sound/flag signals of the RC. The RC is not obligated to identify specific Blokarts over early.

Other flags and race signals may include:

Black flag – race abandoned or general recall

Red flag – Individual(s) recall

Checkered flag – race finish

11. Scoring

11.1 The following scoring abbreviations shall be used for recording the circumstances described:

  • DNS Did not start; did not come to the starting area
  • OCS On the course side of the starting line at the starting signal
  • DNF Came to the starting area and started a race but did not finish
  • RAF Retired After Finishing
  • DSQ Disqualification (other than DGM)
  • DGM Disqualification for gross misconduct not excludable
  • RDG Redress given

11.2 Low Point System Finishing Place Points First 1 point // Second 2 points // Third 3 points // Fourth 4 points

Each Place thereafter Add 1 point

11.3 A competitor that did not finish (DNF), was over early (OCS), or retired after finishing (RAF) shall be scored points for the finishing place one more than the number of competitors entered in their division who started the race i.e:, OCS, DNF, RAF, all score number of competitors who started + 1

11.4 A competitor that did not start (DNS) shall be scored points equal to one more than the number of total competitors currently entered in the event in their division i.e.: DNS all score number of entries + 1

11.5 A competitor disqualified from a race (DSQ) or disqualified for gross misconduct (DGM) shall be scored points equal to two more than the number of competitors entered in the event in their division i.e.: DSQ, DSM score the number of competitors entered +2.

11.6 If a competitor is disqualified from a race (DSQ) or is disqualified for gross misconduct (DGM), each competitor with a worse finishing place shall be moved up one place.

11.7 If the protest committee decides to give redress by adjusting a competitors’ score, the scores of other competitors may or may not be changed.

11.8 If there is a series-score tie between two or more competitors, each competitors’ race scores shall be listed in order of best to worst, and at the first point where there is a difference the tie shall be broken in favor of the competitor with the best score. No excluded scores shall be used. If a tie remains between two or more competitors, they shall be ranked in order of their scores in the last race. Any remaining ties shall be broken by using the tied competitor’s scores in the next-to-last race and so on until all ties are broken. These scores shall be used even if some of them are excluded scores.

11.9 After race eight (8), a competitor’s worst single race result will be dropped (omitted) from the final series tally. A second worst race result will be dropped (omitted) from the final series tally after race fifteen (15) and a third dropped after race twenty-two (22). Dropped (omitted) race results may come from any of a competitor’s races. Dropped races can include any finish except for a DSQ or DGM.

12. Penalties, Protests, and Redress

12.1 Penalties will be assessed using Part F of the IBRA Rules.

12.2 Taking a penalty for a foul while racing is a one turn (full 360 including a tack and a gybe) requirement and must be done as soon as reasonable after the penalty and before finishing. A skipper taking a 360 penalty has no rights of way while making this turn and must keep away from any other karts. A penalty is required for any port/starboard foul, or mark rights fouls, hitting a mark, or any other breech of the class racing rules.

12.3 Being OCS (over early) at the start may only be exonerated by restarting and NOT a penalty turn and not by dipping back below line then above the line. OCS exoneration requires rounding one end of the starting line then restarting from the pre-start side.

12.4 Protests and Redress will be handled using Part G of the IBRA Rules.

13. Awards

13.1 Awards for the top finishers in each division within each fleet will be given for racing events. Divisions will be established with the goal of having at least 7 Blokarts/division.

14. Contacts

14.1 For further event information please contact:

Event Chair/BLA President: Donna Hudgeon,, +(599) 786-1572


IBRA Representative (US): Dave Lussier,, +1 (401) 225-8463

Other committee members organizing this event include:

  • Nina Fleming – Timing Official/Event Presiding Race Official (PRO)
  • Andrew Sands – Equipment Coordinator
  • Terrance de Jongh – Government Liaison
  • Naomi de Gruijl – Community liaison
  • Lennart Felida – Bonaire Team Captain