Bonaire Landsailing Adventures has been operating a blokart rental business on Bonaire since 2018.

During that time they’ve introduced approximately 8,000 people to the blokart experience.

Owner/operator, Kiwi, Andrew Sands is passionate about the sport and regularly competes in regattas around the world.

It was time to bring the thrill of the competition to his adopted home of Bonaire.

There is a strong history of competitive wind sports on Bonaire!

Some of the best wind surfers in the world come from Bonaire because they have consistent, year-round tradewinds in which to practice.

Bonaire also attracts world-class kiteboarders to enjoy the warm breeze. The World Sunfish Sailing Championships were also held on Bonaire. So, it was a natural choice to host the first Caribbean Open Blokart Championships on this beautiful island.

Bonaire has very stable weather.

The temperature ranges between 25 and 28 degrees C (78 – 82 degrees F) and the wind blows about 15 knots for most of the year (September to November it can be a bit fickle). If you’re prone to the winter blues during the Northern Hemisphere winter, an escape to Bonaire is the answer.

Join us to pit your skills against some of the best blokart sailors in the world and take the opportunity to mingle with the local Bonaireans to share your experience and inspire a new community of blokart competitors.